Hi!  We’re Dirk and Beverly Davidek, from San Antonio, Texas.  We are travel, adventure, and wellness fanatics who sold everything and embarked upon our first RTW (Round the World Trip) in September 2015.

Our Backgrounds

Dirk is the original and former owner of a business called Adventure Club SA (ACSA), an outdoor and social activities club that still thrives today.  He and Bev met when she became a member of ACSA in 2003.  Before then, Dirk was a restaurant owner/manager, landlord, ski bum, student pilot, and always an adrenaline junkie whose wanderlust and zest for life had taken him to live and work in Hawaii; Lake Tahoe; Steamboat Springs, Colorado; Central and South Texas; and places throughout Central America.

Beverly has been an attorney for over 20 years.  She had a position in a law firm representing public school districts when she and Dirk met.  She’s also a former school teacher, as well as a wellness guru — holding certificates as a raw food chef, health coach, darkfield microscopist, and ThetaHealing practitioner.  Most importantly, she’s Mom to three sons.  When the youngest graduated high school and started college in Austin, Texas in 2015, she and Dirk packed their bags and left the country to travel full-time.

Why “Earth Burners”?

We first participated in Burning Man in the Nevada desert in 2010.  Dirk had heard about this crazy, nine-day event — that always defies description — for several years before we finally made it there together.  Since that time, we’ve been involved in regional Burning Man events back home in Texas, co-hosting a theme camp there.  We’re passionate about the 10 Principles of Burning Man, and we strive to incorporate as many of those principles as possible into our daily lives.

When we decided to do an RTW trip, we based our general itinerary on Burning Man regional events around the world.  Some of our friends have asked whether we will make it to all of them.  We’ve learned that that’s not possible to do in one year.  As the concept spreads, new burns pop up all over the world all the time.  But doing our best to make to as many as possible certainly keeps us on the move, lending yet another meaning to the term “Earth Burners.”  We’re burning our way around the world sometimes like wildfire.  It’s been well worth it!

What About “Oily Travelers”?

Oily Travelers is another monicker that you’ll see us use in some of our posts.  In addition to maintaining this blog, we also have an online essential oils business.  It helps keep us healthy and helps fund our travel habit.  You can check it out and/or feel free to join our oily ranks here:  www.OilyTravelers.com

Don’t Live Vicariously Through Us

Since we embarked upon our RTW in 2015, lots of well-meaning folks have said that they are living vicariously through us.  That’s nice, but we don’t want that at all.  Instead, we hope to inspire folks to live their dreams.

Sometimes our stories are adventurous and exciting; sometimes they’re all about the people we meet along the way; sometimes they’re about the burns; sometimes they’re about family; and sometimes they’re about the mundane or practical aspects of travel.  We’re a work in progress, but we believe you have to start somewhere!

So, what are YOU waiting for?  Do your thing!  Get going!


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